Published on: 9 May 2014

Working with two renowned ceramicists in a local studio proved to be Year 9 Visual Arts students cup of tea last term. The result of the workshops, made possible through a Parents’ Association grant, was the boys’ Term 1 ceramics projects – Teapots with Attitude.

Art teacher Gisela Züchner-Mogall said after completing extensive research and design development at school, the Year 9 Art class worked with local artist Fleur Schell, from The Clay House in North Fremantle, together with visiting American ceramicist Tony Wise, who helped them bring their teapots to life.

Mrs Züchner-Mogall said the project brief was to design and construct a visually challenging, decorative teapot using paper stoneware clay. “The teapot had to be functional, hand-built using slabs, moulds or coils, as well as well-balanced and freestanding,” she said.

The boys participated in two half-day workshops at Fleur’s studio. In the first session, they learnt about selecting the most appropriate techniques for their individual designs and making the body of the teapot. Learning to create and attach the spout, handle and lid followed in the second session.

Mrs Züchner-Mogall said the boys finished the clay work at school and bisque-fired their pots before Fleur joined them for a final session to share her trademark glazing with the boys.

“The results were incredible. Grants like these to engage artists provide a memorable experience for the boys and take learning to a different level,” she said.