Published on: 4 September 2015

Throughout Term 2 and 3, the Art Department has had two artists-in-residence working with a select group of Year 8 to 12 boys, in preparation for this year’s Senior School Art Exhibition. Terra Firma, the exhibition, opens on Thursday 10 September.

Artists Pete Milligan and Georgina Saunders, are up and coming West Australian ceramicists who predominantly work in wheel throwing. They have conducted a comprehensive workshop series for a select group of students, followed by tutoring time with numerous specialist materials. The Year 9 Visual Arts class also took part in an incursion to complement their course offerings.

Head of Art, Ms Pam Yordanoff said the program was great for the development of the boys artistic skills encourages flexibility, problem-solving and communication skills and provids a ‘spark,’ encouraging the boys to be creative, innovative and to strive for excellence.

The exhibition will display thrown works by the boys, alongside the two residency artists’ works that will be for sale to the Christ Church community.

“We are very grateful to the Parents’ Association for their grant to have this specialist experience made available to the boys. These opportunities generate a new wave of rich diversity for the boys with each different artist,” said Ms Yordanoff.

“It is fantastic for the boys to experience dynamic learning from a ‘master of their trade’. These experiences offer expertise, networks, advice and support. We are always very excited by the possibilities generated by this worthy and honoured opportunity.”

Terra Firma runs from 10 September to 24 September in the Old Boys’ Gallery.