Published on: 26 October 2017

The School recently celebrated the graduation of its Year 12 creatives at the art exhibition opening of Magnum Opus, an exhibition showcasing an amazing variety of art forms ranging from the traditional genres of the landscape, still life and portraiture to the digital engagement with the latest technologies of film making, animation and cinemagraphs.

The occasion, attended by many parents and friends of the school community, also took recognition of our 2017 prize winners across a number of different categories. Winners were judged based on their creative approach to the subject matter and materials, understanding of the elements, principles and compositional devices, application of the process and techniques, and refinement of the resolved art form.

The popular People’s Choice Award this year went to graduating student, Tristan Korte (Year 12).

“We are very proud of how the boys rose to the challenge in producing their best work for Magnum Opus. It was a delight to see the pride each boy had for their artwork and the way they were so keen to share it with those who attended the event,” says Head of Art, Pam Yordanoff.

“The big outdoor screen showcasing the film making was a real hit and attendees loved the chance to sink into deck chairs and take in the atmosphere. A guest also commented that this was the most refined exhibition they had seen from high school students ever.”

The annual exhibition provides a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the amazing work of our boys and the staff. Anyone interested in viewing the exhibition can do so until 12 November in the Visual Arts, Design and Technology Centre from 8.30am to 3.00pm weekdays.

A video from this year’s Art Tour which debuted on the evening can be viewed below.