Published on: 16 March 2023

Last Friday, students from Year 11 and 12 participated in the Have Sum Fun Mathematics Competition, a unique quiz-night style event that tests mathematical skills in a fun and competitive environment.

The competition, held annually, sees teams of six students racing against the clock to solve four intense rounds of eight challenging problems.

The competition aims to promote interest and enthusiasm for mathematics among high school students. The event is designed to be an enjoyable and engaging experience, allowing students to put their knowledge and problem-solving skills to the test while competing against their peers.

Similar to a quiz-night, teams answer a series of questions in a limited time frame. The questions are designed to challenge students’ with a range of topics from algebra to geometry and beyond.

The competition is divided into four rounds, with each round consisting of eight questions. The first round is a “warm-up” round, designed to get students into the competition and familiarise themselves with the format. The second and third rounds increase in difficulty, with the fourth and final round being the most challenging.

The competition’s final results are based on the number of questions answered correctly and the time taken to answer them. The team with the highest score at the end of the competition is declared the winner. The Year 11 and 12 teams came 4th and 12th respectively.

Tomorrow, boys in Years 7 to 10 will compete to claim the top spot in the competition.