Published on: 31 March 2022

Students in the Senior School have commenced work on a new philanthropic initiative in support of the School’s ongoing partnership with Anglicare WA.

Earlier in the week, our Anglicare Ambassadors for 2022 met with representatives from Anglicare WA where they discussed the plan for the 2022 initiative.

This year, the School has been asked to assist with creating ‘urgent care packs’, to be distributed to individuals and families mainly in WA’s regional areas, who are in isolation due to COVID-19.

To promote this important initiative, this morning the Anglicare Ambassadors spoke in front of all the House Groups during tutorials and encouraged the Senior School boys to get involved.

From today, boys will donate these urgent care packs containing hygiene items, herbal tea, throat lozenges, magazines, and kids colouring/activity books for those in isolation.