Published on: 25 May 2016

Last week, the Centre for Ethics brought two very interesting speakers to the School. Reverend Dr Robin Meyers spoke to Mr Dominic Hodnett’s Year 12 Philosophy class and old boy Varun Ghosh addressed the students at the Senior School Assembly.

Joining Mr Hodnett’s class, Father Frank Sheehan said he was very impressed at the level of engagement shown by the students and by Reverend Meyers’ ability to address their questions.

“Robin is a born teacher who clearly enjoyed his time in the classroom. It is a tribute to Mr Hodnett and his students that they have reached such a sophisticated understanding of the philosophical issues associated with religious teachings. The question of the existence of evil and belief in a loving God were discussed in some detail. It was all very stimulating and encouraging.”

During the Senior School Assembly Varun Ghosh (2002) spoke to the students about lifting their gaze and exploring global opportunities. He implored the boys to, “Get out into the world as soon, and as much as possible because the rewards are endless.”

“Recognise an opportunity and take it. Think about the experiences you want and start working towards making them happen,” he said.

“When I arrived in New York I’d never looked for an apartment or worked in international finance in my life. That’s how you learn new skills and that’s how you become resilient.”