Published on: 21 May 2015

Four new School Prefects were appointed at the Senior School Assembly on Thursday. The new prefects were presented with their distinguishing ties before declaring they would help lead through the provision of friendship and assistance to members of the School and broader community.

Headmaster, Garth Wynne, congratulated Oliver Stockwell, William Hidajat, Monte Nathan and Kuberan Muir, asking that they show loyalty, honesty, kindness and responsibility as they carried out their duties.

Mr Wynne said “You are asked to work for the good of the whole school community both within and without. You are asked to set a good example, remembering that we teach others through both our words and our actions”.

During the assembly new student Yifan Yang (Year 7) performed on his traditional Chinese instrument, the Hulusi. Yifan joined the School at the beginning of the term, and while not speaking a lot of English he has already performed for his class and the School community.

The Hulusi is a free reed wind instrument from China, originally used in the Yunnan province by a number of ethnic-minority groups. It has a very pure, mellow clarinet-like sound and Yifan played the instrument beautifully. Headmaster, Garth Wynne, commented that it was a great treat for the School community to hear the Hulusi played for the first time.