Published on: 11 May 2017

Many former students pursuing careers in health, science, business and the arts returned to the School last week to participate in a series of breakfast meetings aimed at encouraging and supporting our Year 12 students.

Drawing upon their personal experiences, the old boys shared advice regarding travel, tertiary study, employment options, and suggestions on maintaining a balanced lifestyle during the final year of school and beyond. Common themes stemming from the old boys included pursuing your passion, managing time efficiently and remaining open to diverse opportunities.

“There is a clear connection between the students and ‘young’ old boys. The old boys relate to the pressures of Year 12 and offer great advice and encouragement to keep students focused. It’s really positive to see peer support continuing as tertiary options are discussed and career journeys explored”, says Old Boys’ Association Alumni Co-ordinator, Deborah Hill.

Old boy participant, Graham Sharpe commented “I always value the experience and hope to continue to attend in future years. Christ Church has been instrumental in shaping my career decisions and values as a member of the community… even if I have only realised how much post-school.”

The OBA now look towards their upcoming Centenary Gala Dinner which takes place on 1 July. The special evening will be a celebration of the OBA’s long and rich history and will be held on the school campus.

Thank you to all old boys who joined us and shared their journey.