Published on: 6 June 2014

About 300 people attended the Year 10 Mother, Friend and Son Breakfast held in the Refectory last week. Mothers, grandmothers and special friends received a beautiful tulip from the boys on arrival.

President of the Parents’ Auxiliary Samantha Goebel introduced the guest speaker – Western Australia’s Young Australian of the Year 2014 and Christ Church old boy Dr John van Bockxmeer (Class of 2002). John, who said he was pleased to be back at the School, noted that although the buildings had changed the heart of the School was the same.

For the past 10 years, John has dedicated himself to improving the health of all Australians by leading numerous voluntary local, national and international initiatives, representing excellence in the fields of medicine and community development.

John, who runs charity Fair Game (recycling sports equipment for and inspiring Indigenous and refugee communities), talked about inequality, drawn from his experiences living and working in remote Queensland and WA, for the National Health Service in London, and the World Health Organisation in Washington DC, Tajikistan, Zambia and East Timor. He urged boys to not let inequality wash over them but to stand up and do something about it.

John also recalled that Year 10 was his favourite year at school – a year of developing independence, making valuable decisions and of course, Venture. He encouraged boys to savour the year, take up all opportunities given and to ‘dare to dream’.

Acting Headmaster Roger Bayly thanked the Parents’ Auxiliary for organising the event with special mention to Year 9 parent helpers Trish Hawkins, Sarah May and their team of volunteers.