Published on: 8 June 2016

The final voyage of Year 8 Leeuwin Adventurers’ returned home last week, after six days of hoisting sails, scrubbing decks, standing on the ‘yards’ and hanging in the rigging.

“My greatest challenge on the Leeuwin was like many of the boys, getting to the top of the mast. Although I have done quite a bit of climbing, it was still a challenge. It’s not everyday you climb a 33-metre mast – it felt great once I got to the top,” said Matthew Gamble.

“The highlight of the voyage for me was being on night watch where we got to experience the stars, steer the ship, haul, ease and coil the ropes, as well as seeing the dolphins in the moonlight. My greatest challenge was climbing to the top of the mast to read the plaque in torrential rain and gusts of wind,” said Mark Morris.

The partnership between Christ Church and the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation, now in its sixth year, provides every Year 8 student with a six-day adventure in the World Heritage Site of Shark Bay. The boys are among the youngest to sail on the training ship and Christ Church is the only WA school to include the sailing experience as part of its compulsory Outdoor Education program.