Published on: 13 September 2017

I am sure the whole community looks forward to our annual Week of the Arts! This special week launches with a concert and exhibition opening on Sunday from 2.00pm. The schedule of events can be viewed here, and I hope to see parents, guardians and community members at the various events being held across the week.

Please note the end of term finishing times in your son’s diary.

Staffing changes
I would like to take this opportunity to thank staff who have been in acting positions this term. Firstly, to Sarah Stone who has acted as the Preparatory School Director of Studies. Ms Stone has done a tremendous job in this role and I thank her for her work on several projects. Elizabeth Barrett and Ryan Carson have covered 4SS and Mathematics Extension this term and I would thank them for their work. This week we also welcomed McKenzie Pugh to teach PP-3 Physical Education as Ms Morcom takes the role of Sportsmaster in Mr Leckie’s Long Service Leave absence.

My thanks also to Yvonne Neille who has covered Mrs Hookey’s absence from the Preparatory School Library and PSD. My thanks also to Kate Marshall who has taken on many roles in the Library in Mrs Hookey’s absence. Her work has been appreciated.

Class placement 2018
I understand some parents may have also commenced thinking about 2018 and specifically, class placements. I would ask that if you wish to inform us of any factor you believe we may be unaware, please do so in writing, including email, to me. We aim to balance the classes in terms of academic and social strength and need. It is a complex process and discussion, and be rest assured, we have each boy’s and the collective cohort’s best interests at heart. As with all decisions made at Christ Church we ask, what is the best decision for the boys?

Any information I receive is forwarded to the Chair of the Class List Panel. The class lists are devised by the Class List Panel comprised of the Director of Studies (Chair), Director of Pastoral Care, Planning and Co-curricular, Co-ordinator of the Learning Development Centre, Co-ordinator of the Peter Moyes Centre, a representative from Psychological and Counselling Services and the present year’s class teachers.

I respectfully ask that parents do not request a specific class teacher for your son. As stated, we will place each boy in a class with the peers and teacher we believe is best for him. We have a consistently excellent standard within our staff and each teacher brings her or his own strengths and personality to the class. I would ask you to maintain your trust in the School, knowing we want the same positive outcome for your son. Additionally, I am about to begin discussing year group staffing with teachers and therefore individual class teacher year group placements have not yet been finalised.

Richard Wright
Head of the LW Parry Preparatory School