Published on: 8 March 2018

As the term progresses, I am certain there is no need for me to remind parents of how busy a school like Christ Church can be, especially co-ordinating family and school commitments. In the Senior School, the central contact for parents is the tutor and it is important to keep them fully informed if there are any plans for extended periods of absence or occasions where home circumstances change. Similarly, there will be occasions when parents need to make contact with their son during the school day. It is important that such requests are made via Main Reception at the Main Administration building, rather than making private arrangements with your son. The School’s emergency procedures also require all visitors to the campus during school hours to register their presence at the Main Reception.

Student safety and traffic management around the School precinct are constant concerns for our community. All too often we have a spate of near misses involving boys crossing major roads within the vicinity of the School. All boys have received numerous requests and instructions on where and how to cross these roads in a safe manner. The School is very pleased to have the manned school crossing on Queenslea Drive for the boys and the traffic lights to cross Stirling Highway. We continue to work with the local and state authorities to improve all aspects of road safety around the School.

This evening the School’s swimming team will be doing their best to once again outpoint Hale in the PSA Swimming Inters. We wish them all the very best.

Roger Bayly
Deputy Principal
Head of Senior School