Published on: 25 August 2022

Christ Church Grammar School has smashed the record and made history by winning the most amount of PSA premierships in one year, with a record eight cups achieved in 2022*.

It came down to the wire for our with our Firsts Badminton and Hockey teams needing to secure draws or wins in their final games of the season to claim their respective trophies, and therefore the record of most cups won by a school in a year.

In the end our Firsts Badminton team beat Hale 5-4 to share the Brother Kelly Cup with Wesley, and our Firsts Hockey team secured a 3-3 draw against Hale, with whom they will share the Ray House Cup.

These two trophies will join the Moyes Trophy (Cross Country) and PSA Surfing trophy that were won earlier this year during the Winter season, and the Cricket, Rowing, Swimming and Water Polo cups won during the Summer season.

For those keeping score at home, Christ Church Grammar School has achieved the following in the 2021/22 Summer and 2022 Winter PSA seasons:

Summer Cups – Cricket, Rowing, Swimming, and Water Polo. With second-place finishes in Tennis and Basketball, and fourth-place finish in Volleyball.
Winter Cups – Badminton, Cross Country, Hockey and Surfing. With a second-place finish in Rugby, fourth-place finishes in AFL and Soccer, and a fifth-place finish in Golf.

Out of the 15 sports played so far in the 2021/22 season we have won eight, placed 2nd three times, placed 4th three times, and placed 5th once. There is one more PSA competition remaining on the sporting calendar, the PSA Inters Athletics in Week 8 this term.

Over recent years, Christ Church has led the rest of the PSA schools in premierships won in a calendar year by a single school with five cups in 2017, six cups in 2018, and six cups in 2019.

In 2020 and 2021 the School won three and two cups respectively, but remarkably the Firsts teams finished in the top 3 in 65% of every other sport.

Director of Sport Anthony Lynch put the record in historical context noting, “In the 117-year history of the PSA, schools have won six PSA premierships in a year only seven times, to win eight premierships sets a new benchmark for Christ Church Grammar School and the entire PSA.”

*Trinity College previously held the title of most PSA Premierships won by a school in a single year with seven titles won in 2007.