Published on: 16 August 2018

Students at Yakanarra Community School were the proud recipients of a newly constructed basketball half court this week, courtesy of the Christ Church community and our Service in Action students.

As a result of various fundraising initiatives, the school community contributed funds, labour and materials to construct the court, 60 kilometres south-west of Fitzroy Crossing.

“The local students are absolutely thrilled with their new half court, and we as a school are proud to have made a significant contribution to make it happen,” says Director of Service in Action, Mark Tait.

“For close to a decade, Christ Church and the community of Yakanarra have shared a deep relationship which has seen the School’s staff and students visit over past years to assist in different capacities.”

“For example, one year we had a school librarian head up to help with setting up of the local school’s library catalogue system.”

“The relationship is reciprocal, with three of our Year 11s having recently returned from their Service in Action (SIA) tour in Yakanarra, and students from the local community school having visited Christ Church in past years.”

“We currently have two Years 11s at Yakanarra Community School as part of our service program. Joined and supported by Head of the Senior School Roger Bayly, the boys are participating in a number of learning activities, assisting with various tasks and have acted as mentors for the local students. They have also enjoyed tours of the local natural landscape while there.”

Christ Church’s Service in Action (SIA) program inspires boys to achieve individual and collective excellence through the principle of serving others, especially those less fortunate than ourselves.

Service opportunities each year include local, national and international experiences such as working in remote Indigenous Australian communities and with vulnerable children in Cambodia.