Published on: 22 February 2024

The past week has seen three expeditions to Rottnest for our Senior School Marine Science students. Year 11 students headed to the island for an immersive day-trip exploration of marine ecosystems. Divided into groups and split across two days, they followed the island’s Snorkel Trail to investigate diverse marine species underwater. The students were excited to spot bull rays, gropers, cods, starfish, and octopi, among other sea creatures.

Another important aim of the expedition was gathering data to compare the north (warmer, more tropical waters) and south (more temperate, cooler waters, and larger fish) sides of the island. Students also examined human impact on the marine environment and spent time collecting rubbish to dispose of responsibly.

Days later, our Year 12 students’ spent the night on the island for their own marine enquiries. They relished the opportunity to practice snorkelling skills, such as the use of weight belts and hand symbols underwater, as part of their SCSA Marine and Maritime studies syllabus. Both groups were lucky enough to have beautiful weather conditions, which made for good visibility and some sunshine. Through these excursions, these budding marine scientists were offered a hands-on experience that highlighted the importance of conservation efforts, fostered a deeper understanding of marine biodiversity and enriched their curriculum.