Published on: 6 June 2019

Our Kindergarten boys have begun their coding journey using programmable floor robots called Bee-Bots.

“We introduced the Bee-Bots as a fun and creative way to engage and extend the boys while supporting their learning. The Bee-Bots have been a great introduction to coding for young children, as well as developing the boys’ counting, sequencing, estimating and problem-solving skills,” explains Kindergarten Teacher, Ms Stacey McKenzie.

“The boys have been quick to learn how to make the Bee-Bots move to their command.”

“They have created an extensive track with corners, tunnels and intersections for the Bee-Bots to travel around. This process requires a lot of oral language to plan, direct one another, solve problems and negotiate roles.”

“Having the Bee-Bots in our class is a great experience for the boys. It is an integrated learning experience that challenges and excites.”

This is the first step in the coding journey which is offered at Christ Church. There are many other exciting opportunities available to boys, including Coding clubs and camps. For more information on the benefits of coding and opportunities, please see our blog on The benefits of Coding Club for your son.