Published on: 28 March 2019

Recently, our Year 2 boys transformed their creative designs into wonderful working water walls.

The activity was the culmination of a cross-curricular program which integrates the areas of Design and Technology and Science to enable students to complete an investigation from conception through to design and delivery.

“We first created our design by drawing it on paper and then shared this design with the rest of the class,” explains Year 2 student, Artin.

“Next, we had to choose the right pieces to build our wall, like a vacuum hose, a garden hose or plastic, also knowing that cardboard gets too soggy and metal gets too hot.”

“We had to test a lot of different materials such as cardboard and plastic to work out which materials were the best.”

Years 1 and 2 Co-ordinator Mrs Rachael Durston said, “The materials used by the boys are all recycled materials found around the house or collected from Council verge collections.”

“Such activities are not only fun and practical, but encourage learning directly modelled from the Christ Church Pedagogy.”

“The final phase to this activity will be a student reflection on their water wall design which will give them an opportunity to receive feedback, alter their designs and improve on their creations.”

For more information on the benefits of practical learning activities for boys, see Christ Church Grammar School’s blog Make learning fun to make better learners.