Published on: 18 October 2016

The 26th Future Problem Solving Nationals were held in Melbourne last weekend, with six boys from Year 6 representing the LW Parry Preparatory School: Tim Creed, Matthew Bailey, Sam English, Adi Barua, Jun Yang Yap and Sean Morgan.

Future Problem Solving is an academic extension program designed for talented students in furthering analytical, critical and futuristic thinking skills as well as challenging them to work in a competitive team environment.

The boys represented the School superbly with the reserves being part of the winning alternate team, the competitive team placing tenth and excitingly all six of the boys winning the skit final in the last part of the competition. This was the second time a Christ Church team has made it to the skit finals and to win is a wonderful achievement.

“Hearty congratulations to the boys involved and a special thanks to Ms Jasmine Jeffs for attending and assisting the team over the weekend,” said Brad Hilliard, Deputy Head and Director of Studies in the Preparatory School.