Published on: 6 August 2020

Gratitude Walls appeared in the Preparatory and Senior School this term as a way for boys to express their gratitude.

The initiative launched and led by Philanthropy Prefect Hugo Wellborn (Year 12) seeks to provide boys with an opportunity to reflect on what they are thankful for, practice gratitude and acknowledge the relentless efforts of teachers during Covid-19.

Teachers in the Preparatory School also received a special guard of honour during assembly.

Director of Philanthropy, Carolyn Turner said there had been unwavering support from the boys since launching the initiative and hundreds of gratitude messages had already been received.

“Unprecedented support from our students for The Students’ Scholarship in 2019 demonstrated that philanthropy is a significant part of life at Christ Church,” Ms Turner said.

“In recognition, the School instated the position of Philanthropy Prefect for a Senior School student.”

“Our inaugural Philanthropy Prefect, Hugo Welborn, was elected to the position for his final year of school and is currently taking charge to ensure all fellow students have a voice and choice in the way philanthropy is considered across the School.”

The Philanthropy Prefect is one of our 22-strong group of School Prefects, all of whom work together to ensure the School is represented well across key areas.