Published on: 10 September 2020

After a week of rain, our Kindergarten boys were graced with some sunshine on Thursday morning and used the opportunity to explore the river.

The boys’ adventure started with a walk through the bushland as they made interesting observations of busy bees and blooming flowers. This opened up to a discussion on the seasons, in particular the transition from Winter to Spring. Explaining his love for Spring, Kindergarten student Charley remarked “it’s the season when everything comes back to life”.

As the boys made their way closer to the river bank they spotted the Senior School rowing team practicing and were disappointed to be told by Ms Rojahn that they were not allowed to get in the boats and learn how to row. However, the boys did get to learn about the effect of tides on water levels. In order to get to a nice sandy section, the boys had to wade through the water. All the boys made it safely to the beach – some boys a little wetter than others.

The Kindergarten boys were then joined by their friends in Pre-Primary and together they spent the morning collecting sticks, making moats, constructing boats, and testing out a theory about why things sink or float.

Now that spring has arrived the Kindergarten boys can expect to spend many more days enjoying the School’s access to the river.