Published on: 9 May 2019

Our Preparatory School Library has been home to a fabulous book fair this week promoting reading not only to our boys, but also those less fortunate in the wider community.

As part of the Book Fair, boys in the Preparatory School have been encouraged this week to purchase books and the extra funds raised from this are used to purchase books for remote Western Australian schools.

All of the Prep School boys, even the Kindergarten boys, had the opportunity to look through a wonderful array of books and choose those they would like to read. Reading stimulates brain development, enhances creativity and helps to reduce stress levels. The books which are donated to the remote communities ensure that all children are given this opportunity.

“To ensure there is meaning in the books being donated, we select books either written by an Indigenous author or that have an Indigenous focus,” says Head of the Library, Ms Lia de Sousa.

“The focus of this initiative is to encourage literacy for all students no matter where they may be and as our boys donate, they have the opportunity to learn more about Philanthropy and experience the joy of giving.”

The delivery of books is being supported through the School’s Service in Action (SIA) program.