Published on: 7 May 2020

Things have been getting a little freaky in the Preparatory School with our Year 5s working on ‘Franken-Animals.’

As part of their Science program the boys have been designing and building models of animals with an adaptation to suit a particular environment; arctic, marine, desert or jungle. The physical model is then digitally scanned and uploaded into a virtual museum.

The initial concept (build a model showcasing an adaptation) has been part of the Year 5 Science program for the past three years.

Year 5 Teacher, Mr Colin Fallon said, “With the introduction of our Innovation Hub, we wanted to further develop the idea to include greater use of digital technologies.”

“The boys create their virtual museum with other members of their group and each exhibit incorporates elements of text, video and programming to provide an immersive experience.”

“They have enjoyed the practical elements of model building and showcasing their creative side. The project has also improved their collaboration and time management skills to get the most out of working as a team, in both a face-to-face and online environment.”

The project forms the basis for their Semester One Science assessment and will continue until later in the term.