Published on: 17 August 2023

This week the School has been celebrating National Science Week. This year’s theme ‘Innovation – powering future industries’, has been incorporated into our activities, including a focus on the advancement in technology in all industries.

The theme invites students to investigate the use of AI in industry, as well as recent advancements in renewable energy technology, data science, and environmental monitoring. With topics of interest from medicine to marine research, agriculture, climate change and mining the students have been engaging with the theme from various perspectives.

On Monday Years 7 and 8 students were challenged with identifying mystery chemicals by the colour they produced during a flame test. Congratulations to Year 8 students Darius Choo, Prajwal Raj and Inura Kondasinghe (pictured) for identifying the chemicals correctly in the shortest amount of time.

This was followed by lunchtime quizzes and a visit from Wildly Education’s ‘Critters up Close’ who brought in some furry and reptile friends.

The Preparatory School have focused their activities on the dairy industry with students participating in a series of experiences looking at how the industry has innovated over time. Their explorations involved:

  • Virtually travelling back in time to look at how the dairy industry was first formed in Australia with the arrival of dairy cows in 1788.
  • Hearing from farmers over time about their experiences in the industry.
  • Hearing from current teachers about milk and having milk delivered to school and home.
  • Looking at current practice and recent innovations in the dairy industry in Western Australia.
  • Designing a product, piece of equipment or marketing campaign that might be useful to the dairy industry in the future.
  • Using AI technology to assist in a research, design and innovation capacity.
  • Understanding and learning how to interpret the authenticity of AI-produced ideas and concepts.

Each lunchtime throughout the week the boys participated in ‘milk science’ activities:

  • Making butter (Monday) 
  • Making ice cream (Tuesday) 
  • Making glue and ornaments from milk (Wednesday) 
  • Creating colourful explosions in milk (Thursday)