Published on: 21 May 2015

The Pre-Primary boys took to the wetlands of Herdsman Lake recently, where they donned their scientific thinking hats and explored the flora and fauna.

During the term, the boys have been learning about their five senses and how they can use their senses to observe and investigate the world around them. The excursion, the practical side of the learning, was designed to arouse their senses and interest in the Herdsman Lake wetland.

The boys took part in bird spotting ventures, where they found many different species of birds, and spent time observing the natural environment before creating drawings of their discoveries.

Letitia Simon, Pre-Primary teacher said “The excursion brought out the natural scientist in the boys as they explored, observed and asked questions about Herdsman Lake and the flora and fauna surrounding it”.

“It was a fabulous excursion for the boys and they loved the opportunity to ride on the school bus”.

The Science curriculum will also see the boys study the life cycle of plants, the growth of ‘potato people’ and the incubation and hatching of chickens.