Published on: 25 July 2019

The Baby Distractor, The Mobile Drink Fountain, The Burglar Detector and The Electric Spaghetti Fork are some of the unique electrical devices invented by our Year 6s.

The students have been studying electricity, how circuits work, and were given a ‘start-up’ kit of materials that could be used to create a device with purpose and that could be sold on the market. They also enjoyed the creativity of coming up with the equipment and recycled materials to build their unique device.

“I liked experimenting with what I could do with my ideas, and it was great to see that it actually worked after trial and error,” said Year 6 student, Zachary Tay.

“My device didn’t work at first, but I found ways around the problem by testing and planning,” said fellow student, Oshan Pal.

The students also welcomed the opportunity to showcase their devices and explain how they worked with parents who were invited to the Year 6 Open Classrooms.

“This activity proves that boys learn by doing. They love to tinker and create while also understanding the process of why something may or may not work. The open-ended nature of this project enabled the boys to achieve success while also catering for their individual learning needs,” commented Year 6 Teacher, Ms Sally MacKinnon.

The activity was made possible thanks to a Parents’ Association grant.