Published on: 3 September 2020

The beakers and thermometers were out last week as some of our Year 7 boys conducted an interesting scientific investigation. The boys were tasked with investigating the effect of temperature on the ‘bounciness’ of a squash ball as part of the Year 7 Chemistry course.

In order to successfully determine whether temperature had any effect on the bounciness of a squash ball, the boys were required to devise an entire experiment themselves. This process included developing a hypothesis, designing the experiment, conducting trials, recording results and coming to a conclusion based on the data.

One of the Year 7 students said of the investigation “We love doing experiments. It’s fun and we get to see Science in action.”

Year 7 teacher Christy Dangerfield commented on the value of understanding the scientific method “Scientific investigation skills are an integral part of the Chemistry, Physics and Biology courses in Years 7 through 10, being able to conduct reliable investigations is an important skill.”