Published on: 9 June 2022

Christ Church Grammar School has won the PSA Surfing Competition for the third year in a row on the back of some superb Surfing and Bodyboarding performances from the boys.

The Christ Church Surf Team was greeted with great conditions at Scarborough Beach for the annual PSA Surfing Competition.

It was a sunny winter morning with an icy offshore breeze and clean 2 to 3 foot sets rolling through.

The boys paddled out into the surf at 8.00am and the competition quickly got off to a flying start for the Senior Surfing team.

First up were the Senior Surfers: Dawson Greig (Captain), Jensen Kirby (Vice Captain) and Jake Yeo. The boys all surfed well under the guidance of old boy Finn Kelly, finishing second to Trinity College.

Next in the water were the Senior Bodyboarders Ben Walker, Lennox Badger and Max Yeo. These surfers were in a league of their own, rolling and spinning their way to an easy victory.

Junior Surfers Frank Birch, Henry Hogan and Tom Scott followed and all chose to sit on the right peak, away from their opposition on the left peak. Unfortunately this didn’t pay off, but they fought their hardest against an inform Hale and Scotch, coming away with another second.

Junior Bodyboarders Archie Brown, Leon Butler and Sam Harding then hit the water, shredding their way to a very decisive win.

Photography by Sam Grayling.