Published on: 18 June 2020

Boys and teachers in the Senior School this week received further inspiration to read.

A series of wonderfully designed bookmarks have been created and made available to boys and teaching staff thanks to a collaboration between Year 11 student Tommy Andrews and Senior School Library Officer Mr Luke Milton.

As part of a work experience placement in the Senior Library, Tommy has spent the past two weeks learning and applying digital design skills to develop a series of bookmarks that promote the borrowing of eBooks available through Sora, the School’s eBook borrowing app.

The work experience has also included putting together TV slides, posters and other resources for the Senior Library.

“Tommy is very knowledgeable and passionate about comics, and is a very creative student,” said Mr Milton.

“He has a keen eye for finding suitable imagery to accompany the covers of the eBooks featured on all bookmarks and sourced background imagery to complement the recommended staff titles.”

Recommended eBook titles for students, as featured on the bookmarks include:

  • Black Panther | volumes 1 to 3 by Coates
  • Captain America: Fear Him by Hopeless, Dematteis and Johns
  • Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars by Shooter
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse by Bendis and Peyer
  • Deathstroke by Daniel
  • The Infinity Gauntlet by Starlin
  • Black Widow by Waid
  • Captain Marvel | volumes 1 to 3 by various

Thanks goes to the Senior Library team and Peter Moyes Centre (PMC) for leading this collaborative initiative.