Published on: 22 October 2020

This week the Senior Wellbeing Committee have been putting on a variety of activities to recognise Mental Health Week.

On the Monday the boys painted a large tree branch blue in support of the Blue Tree Project. This project is run by an organisation which aims to spark positive conversations around mental health by giving a dead tree a ‘blue lease on life’. The School’s first blue tree will encourage boys to understand that “its okay to not be okay” and serve as a reminder to check up on their mates.

On Tuesday the Sport Department hosted a 3-point shot competition which tested the accuracy of some of the School’s basketball talent. Afterwards boys were invited to team up and challenge each other at spike ball.

On Wednesday the Year 11 members of the wellbeing committee led a yoga session during lunch time which was an excellent opportunity for some of the boys to insert some tranquility into an otherwise frantic week of activities.

Academic Prefect for 2020 Kartikeya Kaushal had some sage words of advice “The best way to stay on top of your mental health and stress from your studies is to have a few close mates you can talk to. Especially if you’re complaining about workloads, or just talking about something stupid that is completely unrelated to your work. Another way that works for me, is meditation, which Mr. Casson introduced me to. 15 minutes at the end of each night is a good way to reset and calm down.”

These Mental Health Week activities are part of the School’s continuing support for a proactive approach to holistic wellbeing driven by The Wynne Centre for Boys’ Health and Wellbeing.