Published on: 20 December 2016

Dear School Community

The results for our Year 12 students have been released and our initial analysis has been completed. Once again it has been an outstanding outcome for the boys and Christ Church collectively, with these fantastic results a culmination of the efforts of our hard-working students, extraordinary teachers, and supportive parents and significant family members.

The maximum possible ATAR of 99.95 was achieved by two of our students – congratulations to Leo Li and Ananthakrishnan Koloth.

Principal Alan Jones said the School was proud of its students’ performance. “I am delighted with the overall success of our students. One of the special things about Christ Church is that we are an academically inclusive school – we value diversity and accept boys of all abilities. So many of our boys have demonstrated academic excellence and achievements across the co-curricular and sporting arenas. With a median ATAR for the entire year group of 92.35 (State Median 80.85) it is evident that the focus on customising the curriculum to suit our boys’ abilities and interests delivers results. This significant achievement, for the entire cohort of 2016, is the result of a lot of hard work by the teachers and strong relationships between students and staff.”

In 2016 Christ Church Grammar School had 173 students who completed a full ATAR; 10 who completed one or more ATAR subjects (but less than four); and 8 General Pathway students.

  • 23 students (13% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR ≥ 99
  • 41 students (24% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR ≥ 98
  • 70 students (40% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR ≥ 95
  • 100 students (58% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR ≥ 90
  • Average ATAR for the year group: 88.60
  • Median ATAR for the year group: 92.35 (State Median 80.85)
  • 138 students (80% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR that would give them entry to UWA (≥ 80).


This year, nine of our boys achieved a General Exhibition, awarded to the top 50 students in the State. Congratulations to Bennett Anderson, Leo Li, Nicholas Pizzino, James Blaxill, Ananthakrishnan Koloth, Thomas Waring, Devin He, Thomas Robins and James Borshoff.

Subject Exhibitions, for the top candidate in each subject, were awarded to Louis Stokes (Ancient History) and Leo Li (Chemistry).

25 Certificates of Excellence, for the top 0.5 per cent of candidates in each subject, were awarded as follows:

Ancient History: Louis Stokes

Chemistry: Bennett Anderson, Leo Li

Economics: Patrick Henderson, Henry Martin

Geography: Owain Chandler

Human Biology: James Borshoff

Literature: James Borshoff

Mathematics Applications: Thomas Broadbridge, Owain Chandler, Matthew Lauw, Lewis May, Owen McCarthy, James Miller, Jason Wong

Mathematics Methods: Bennett Anderson, Devin He, Ananthakrishnan Koloth, Leo Li, Nicholas Pizzino

Mathematics Specialist: Leo Li

Philosophy and Ethics: Thomas Robins

Physical Education Studies: Luke Browne, Jack Lewsey

Physics: Leo Li

Certificates of Distinction* were awarded to the following boys in recognition of outstanding school achievement:

Jonah Allen, Bennett Anderson, Ethan Barrow, Oscar Beilin, James Blaxill, James Borshoff, Zack Bowles, Alec Broadhurst. Adam Butler, Nicholas Ceglinski, Jason Chu, Sam Collins, Thomas Copcutt, Oliver Cull, Jack Dale, Rishi Dhakshinamoorthy, Cameron Everett, Jeff Ge, Oliver Girdwood, Timothy Gray, Morgan Green, Devin He, Austin Hooper, Adam Hughes, Charles Johnson, Ananthakrishnan Koloth, Nowar Koning, Alexander Lam, Matthew Lauw, Jack Lewsey, Leo Li, Brodee Lockwood, Henry Martin, Lewis May, James Miller, Hector Morlet, Harry Nicholas, Matthew Overington, Rajguru Paul, Digby Percy, Nicholas Pizzino, Thomas Robins, Joel Ross-Adjie, Imran Savliwala, James Sier, Aleksander Slater, Louis Stokes, Thomas Waring, Thomas Weight, Matthew Wilson, Asad Yusoff


Certificates of Merit* were awarded to the following boys in recognition of excellent school achievement:

Adeniyi Adegboye, Jack Annear, Curtis Bett, Michael Boyatzis, Thomas Broadbridge, Luke Browne, Owain Chandler, Jeremy Chia, Callum Connolly, Louis Corker, Lucas Cottrill, Jack Davies, Liam Donovan, Benjamin Duffy, Samuel Elias, Lewis Fitzpatrick, George Gare, John Hedges, Patrick Henderson, Sean Hennessy, Taegan Jolly, Alexander Jumeaux, Sach Le Roux, Joshua Mason, Owen McCarthy, Myles McQuillan, Simon Parsons, Thomas Pennell, Eliot Roberts, Daniel Scott, Michael Silberstein, James Wilkinson, Christian Wong, Jason Wong, David Woods

*A Certificate of Distinction or Certificate of Merit is awarded to each eligible student who, in their last three consecutive years of senior secondary WACE enrolment, achieves:

Certificate of Distinction: 190–200 points

Certificate of Merit: 150–189 points

The points are accrued from 20 Year 11 and Year 12 units, of which 10 are at Year 12.