Published on: 21 August 2015

To celebrate the fusion of Music and Science, in a week that saw the House shout competition share the limelight with National Science Week, the Senior Library called all budding scientific musicians to build their own guitar.

Materials were provided for the boys to design, make and decorate a guitar. The guitars were then wired to a Makey Makey set, providing them with a custom circuit board and controls, allowing the boys to hook them up to the computer and rock out in a Guitar-Hero-esque challenge.

Winner of the challenge, Lachie Jones (Year 8), said he had a great time making his guitar.

“Thinking about what kind of guitar to make was really fun. It was great the library created this challenge and provided everything we needed,” he said.

In the lead up to the House shout competition, the Senior Library also ran a Rock-o-meter competition, encouraging boys to predict the House shout champions. Although nobody correctly predicted the top three places – Noake, Queenslea and Hill – the library staff congratulated James Cox (Year 8) for his very close prediction.

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