Published on: 21 August 2015


This week, Christ Church celebrated National Science Week, with the Science Department engaging boys in a number of events, including the annual Big Science Quiz.

More than 75 boys enjoyed the quiz and the science block was buzzing. Head of Science, Dr Holly Rose described the event as an opportunity for boys to test their general knowledge while having fun with friends.

“The great thing about Science at Christ Church is the enthusiasm of the boys, evident by the their interest in the Big Science Quiz,” she said.

“We think Science is inherently fun and our staff pass on their enthusiasm to the students.”

This year’s winners were the Year 12 team, Destructive Interference comprised of Christopher Fowler, Joseph Brough and Samuel Thompson. They were followed closely by Year 11 team Untitled (Leo Li, Thomas Waring and William Hu) and Year 9 team JAM 2.0 (Joshua Chan, Matthew Hamdorf and Amitabh Jeganthan).

“It is a great activity the School puts on and a bit of fun with friends,” said Lucas Cottrill (Year 11).

“We all really like Science and thought it would be a fun activity to do together. Some of the questions have been pretty hard,” said Varad Mukhedkar (Year 7).

“I like Science for the experiments, dissections and the practical work,” said Joshua Hora (Year 9).

Test out your scientific knowledge with a few questions the boys were challenged to answer:

How many people have walked on the moon?
Diamonds are made from which element?
How many eyes does an octopus have?
Which is bigger – the world’s largest insect or the world’s smallest mammal?