Published on: 21 May 2020

Thirteen brave Senior School students participated in the ultimate endurance test this week, squaring off with Mr Jacob ‘Marathon’ Marai in a ‘Death by 10 Metre’ cardio workout.

Fourteen minutes is all it took for the first challenger to throw in the towel and 21 minutes for our ‘Death by 10 Metre’ winners to be crowned – congratulations to Jonah Hanikeri (Year 8) and Joshua Neervoort (Year 9).

So, how did it work?

In the first minute and with the help of a stopwatch, participants were required to sprint one 10-metre length and then rest the remainder of that minute. In the second minute, two 10-metre lengths and then rest. In the third minute, three lengths and so on, until you couldn’t finish the designated number of lengths in a minute, hence the title ‘Death by 10 Metre.’

Event Co-ordinator Mr Jarrod Kayler-Thomson said it was a great event, attracting a number of brave challengers who ought to be congratulated.

“This cardio workout is the ultimate endurance test,” said Mr Kayler-Thomson.

“To get the most out of this test you are encouraged and expected to go as fast possible, right from the first minute. It is critical that the competitors take advantage of their rest breaks early.”

“Around minute 8, 9, or 10, you won’t have time to sit around anymore. Your rests will be short.”

“For most people, things take a turn around minute 13 or 14. Now you’re sprinting, and the challenge isn’t just physical, but also psychological.”

“Well done to all our participants for stepping up to the challenge!”