Published on: 24 October 2019

Year 11 students from Christ Church and Year 10 students from St Mary’s Anglican School for Girls recently returned from Service in Action (SIA) tours to Kununurra and the remote communities of Nullagine and Marble Bar.

The students spent a week working at East Kimberley College in Kununurra which included playing football with the CLONTARF kids and the opportunity to visit local attractions such as Lake Argyle.

In Nullagine, the SIA students spent an energetic week at Nullagine Primary School assisting in classes, engaging in sporting games and exploring the local community. They also welcomed the unique opportunity to hunt for bush tucker and see historical rock art.

Tour participants Josh and Tahlie commented, “This trip has been a great eye opener for all of us and has added to our understanding of Aboriginal culture and life in remote communities. We have all improved our virtues such as gratitude, empathy and patience.”

“Our skills such as communication and teaching have also been bolstered. The younger students loved our visit and thrived with our help and support. We would like to thank Mr Tait and Ms Lynch who assisted us on this trip and have allowed us to have the experience of a lifetime.”

Director of Service in Action, Mark Tait said, “Consistent with the latest thinking and research, the idea of ‘community service’ has developed into the realisation that we learn a great deal through serving others.”

“Those who serve in this way often report transformational experiences – especially when we have opportunities to be immersed in cultures very different to our own.”

Christ Church’s Service in Action (SIA) program inspires boys to achieve individual and collective excellence for others. Find out more about the program by clicking here.