Published on: 8 August 2014

Hill won the day last Friday as Senior School boys competed in the House Winter Sports Carnival at McGillivray Oval.

In winter afternoon sunshine, the Houses battled it out for Beatty Cup points in football, soccer (two divisions), handball, rugby and cross country.

The format of the carnival allows seniors boys to watch, encourage and support Years 7 to 9 boys during their games while juniors see the Years 10 to 12 in action.

The final overall result was Hill, followed by Craigie, Wolsey, Moyes, Queenslea, Romsey, Jupp and Noake. While the Hill boys took out the cross country, handball and soccer 1, Queenslea led the charge in the football, Wolsey won the soccer 2 and Craigie the rugby.

Photos by Anna Rowe