Published on: 2 August 2013

The Senior School Library hosted the inaugural Library Long Lunch late last term, which was extremely well received by both boys and staff. The event, held in the middle of the library, was a celebration of reading in the tradition of a long table lunch.

About 30 lucky students and 12 staff and attended the lunch – the first to respond to the library’s invitation. Senior Teacher Librarian Greg Lindorff said the free event gave guests an opportunity to chat with like-minded readers about books they loved or had recently read.

Mr Lindorff said the event was purely for fun and recognition of those boys who are prolific readers. “It’s an opportunity for boys and staff to come together, discuss books and enjoy lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. Perhaps some of the participants might also broaden their reading interests,” he said.

Due to the success of the first lunch, the next Library Long Lunch will be held on 14 August with places already full. The library hopes to run the lunch every term. “A fantastic time was had by all so we will continue to do more of them,” Mr Lindorff said.

Some other feedback shared with Mr Lindorff from students and staff included:

“The best time I have ever had at school!”

“When is the next one? I want to come to it!”

“A very big thank you… I did enjoy myself but more importantly it was lovely to hear the conversations around me. Everyone talking about books! Wonderful!”

“Thank you for the lunch. It was amazing to be with the boys in a different way, chatting about reading and their interests.”