Published on: 24 November 2020

The School welcomed over 200 current and new boys and their parents onto the campus as part of Orientation Day this term.

As part of the day’s activities the incoming Year 7 boys participated in a series of activities including; conducting an exciting experiment in the science lab, visiting the School library and music department, and attending a special welcome assembly in the Chapel.

The incoming boarders had a sleepover with the current boarders in the residential community. While the boys socialised and made use of the rec room, the oval and the pool, their parents took a tour of the boarding facilities. Director of the Walters Residential Community Brad Downing remarked that “Many of the Year 6s were quite reluctant to leave on Saturday, which is a good sign that it was a very successful introduction to boarding at Christ Church.”

Orientation Day is an important opportunity for the boys to meet their fellow classmates and teachers, build confidence and friendships and familiarise themselves with the campus before starting at the School. We look forward to welcoming the incoming Year 7s into the Senior School next year.