Published on: 12 May 2022

The Christ Church surfing team had a ripper day on Thursday 5 May as they competed for a position in the upcoming PSA Surfing championships.

The conditions were perfect on the morning as almost 80 boys entered the surf to compete with enthusiasm, push their surfing to a new level and have fun.

The Christ Church bodyboarding competition follows on from the shortboard competition that occurred the week prior. Those boys who finished in the top four will go on to compete in the PSA Surfing competition and those in the top five will compete in the Surfing WA Schools event.

The surfing leadership was also announced after the shortboard competition.

Results were as follows:

Senior Bodyboarding:

First place: Lennox Badger
Second place: Ben Walker
Third place: Max Yeo
Fourth place: Billy Ure
Fifth Place: George Warner
Sixth Place: Daniel Pocock

Junior Bodyboarding:

First place: Sam Harding
Second place: Leon Butler
Third place: Archie Brown
Fourth place: Joel Renouf
Fifth Place: Andre Ristovsky

Senior Shortboarding:

First place: Jake Yeo
Second place: Dawson Greig
Third place: Jensen Kirby
Fourth place: Nic Coutts
Fifth place: Archie Martin
Sixth place: James Greenshields

Junior Shortboarding:

First place: Tom Scott
Second place: Frank Birch
Third place: Henry Hogan
Fourth place: Lawson Kirby
Fifth place: Ben Fick
Sixth place: Torsten Bird

Surfing Captains:

Captain: Dawson Greig
Vice-Captain: Jensen Kirby
Committee Member: Ben Walker