Published on: 24 November 2022

This year’s Year 10 Venture expedition is proving to be a fantastic success for the boys, who return from their trip tomorrow, following 11 breath-taking days spent in the wilderness of our state’s south west.

Supported by teaching staff and outdoor professionals, the groups of boys were spread across 200 kilometres ranging from Walpole to Denmark.

“It was evident that most boys had prepared well for this significant journey with activities such as the Year 9 Kooringal camp certainly assisting,” says Director of Activities, Neil Saggers.

“The positive spirit of the boys was great to see, and the weather was mild with light rain on several days and cold nights.”

“A typical day involved each group embarking on a 20 to 25 kilometre trek from 7.30am before making their next camp site. Two leaders from each group were in charge of the decision making and navigation for the day, overseen by a teaching staff member and outdoor professional.”