Published on: 28 July 2022

This week, the Year 6 boys enjoyed a three-day residential program at Woodman Point Recreation Camp in Coogee, designed to replace the cancelled Canberra Tour.

“The program provided the boys with a wonderful opportunity to build further friendships and to develop their teamwork, collaboration and problem-solving skills ahead of their transition to the Senior School,” said Joanna Morrison Mayo, Year 6 Co-ordinator.

During their time at Woodman Point, the boys took part in a variety of exciting activities on land and by the water, including a mountain bike ride up the coast to view the Omeo shipwreck. They also tried their hand at archery, geocaching, ultimate sports, orienteering and bravely scaled the side of the 13-metre ‘Cube’ building before descending via the flying fox rope course.

“Camp was brilliant!” said 6DS student, Eddie. “Although we were disappointed not to get to go to Canberra, this more than made up for it. It was great to spend time with boys from other classes and do lots of activities together.” Lachy, from 6JU, said his favourite part was the flying fox “because there were so many different ways to launch off the platform – including backwards, ‘Superman’ style, rolling off the edge and taking a running jump – and each of them was super fun.”

All the boys are to be congratulated for bringing a positive mindset to the program and giving everything a go. While a number of the boys found some of the activities challenging, they showed resilience and persistence, developed new skills, and came home with a heaps of great new memories. They all agreed that they can’t wait for the Year 7 camp at Kooringal next year!