Published on: 19 May 2021

A group of our ENCOMM (Environment and Community) students from Year 10 took part in planting trees in the Mosman Park bushland last Friday afternoon, planting over 600 native plants as part of the bushland regeneration activity.

The environmental project is part of the School’s community service program which has been running for the past 12 years, helping improve runoff water quality as well as providing natural habitats for many native birds and mammals in the vicinity. The boys participate on Friday afternoons and have the opportunity to join community members each month through Friends of Mosman Park Bushland

Friends of Mosman Park Bushland is a community-led organisation of volunteers who assist in the conservation and enhancement of the environment around Mosman Park and the Swan River.

“The ENCOMM program offers opportunities for boys to work at aged care facilities as well as in the environment. The main focus is around giving to others and building community,” says ENCOMM and Mathematics Teacher, Mr Ben Hodsdon.

“The boys’ active participation in these activities has helped in the restoration of the environment for the fauna and flora, protection of a very important water source for the area and helped in the development of community.”