Published on: 8 November 2023

There was an air of excitement in the aquatic centre this Tuesday as we hosted the Pre-Primary to Year 2 Swimming Carnival in the morning, followed by the Year 3 to 6 carnival in the afternoon.

Our youngest swimmers followed the Marshall’s instructions, lined up patiently with their peers, and eagerly jumped in the pool when their name was called. Enthusiastic helpers from Year 6 assisted their younger peers in their races, providing support, additional supervision and motivation. This is one of many initiatives in the Preparatory School to connect younger boys with their older counterparts. By modelling positive behaviours and helping across various activities in and outside the classroom, the older boys become both mentors and friends to the younger students. In addition to encouragement in the pool, boys were cheered on by parents and staff from the sidelines. With a focus on fun and participation, no results are recorded for the Pre-Primary to Year 2 carnival.

Next up was the Year 3 to 6 carnival, where spirits were equally high and the competition tight. This event is a chance for the older Preparatory students to embrace healthy competition, teamwork, and positive sportsmanship by supporting their peers – regardless of their House. It’s also an opportunity to burn off some energy outside the classroom and enjoy the benefits of physical exercise outdoors.

Karda won the Spirit Shield for Sportsmanship and the final results for the day were:

1st: Yonga with 1348 points

2nd: Kearla with 1120 points

3rd: Karda with 1099 points

4th: Wardung with 985 points