Published on: 6 February 2020

The ‘99 Club’ recognises and celebrates those who achieve outstanding academic results with their ATAR. At this week’s first Senior School Assembly for the year, 17 boys from our 2019 cohort were formally recognised and presented with certificates by Principal, Alan Jones.

Club member and 2019 Dux of School George Schulz delivered messages of inspiration to the current students, reminding all that the studying habits you form now will guide you through Year 12 and it is best to get on top of them.

“To the Year 12s, today marks the beginning of one of the most important years of your young adult life and the culmination of the last 12 years of your education,” said George.

“In many ways, it is daunting and terrifying that so much of your future rests on nine short months of your life – or so we are led to believe.”

“There are so many pathways to success and doing well in Year 12 is just one of them.”

“It will truly be one of the most memorable and special years of your entire life, as long as you don’t let school consume the entirety of your existence.”

“Some of you have probably already attended your first ball, and some of you will make a career of going to five or six. There are countless events to celebrate this monumental final year of school.”

“Enjoy it while it lasts, but get excited for it to be over.”