Published on: 26 June 2013

The finals of House Chess, Public Speaking and Debating were held at various locations around the School last week. House Drama, whose results will be announced next week, along with the House Mural and House Shout in Term 3, will determine the overall House Arts winners.

‘Newspapers have become obsolete’ was the public speakers’ theme while ‘Reality TV does more harm than good’ was the hot topic in the debating. Boys from Years 7 to 12 took part in the competition, which played out during Terms 1 and 2.

Director of Activities Neil Saggers said House Arts, part of the overall Beatty Cup house competition, gave all boys an opportunity to engage and observe in arts activities. “It gives boys a chance to ‘have a go’ at house level before participating in the broader inter-school opportunities that exist,” Mr Saggers said.

The final results of last week’s competition were:

1st Moyes
2nd Craigie
3rd Noake
4th Jupp
5th Wolsey
6th Hill
7th Romsey
8th Queenslea

1st Hill
2nd Wolsey
3rd Romsey
4th Noake
5th Moyes
6th Craigie
7th Jupp
8th Queenslea

Public Speaking
1st Moyes
2nd Noake
3rd Hill
4th Jupp
5th Romsey
6th Craigie
7th Wolsey
8th Queenslea

The House Shout and judging of the House Mural will take place in Week 4 of Term 3.