Published on: 28 March 2013

The Firsts Tennis Team has won the 2013 Corr Cup despite a fixture still remaining in the competition (Christ Church has a bye). The Christ Church tennis fraternity confirmed the PSA champion title after its final game against Guildford at Cottesloe Tennis Club on Saturday.

The First VIII team members included Captain of Tennis Alistair Baker (Year 12), Matt Freind (Year 12), Tyler Hung (Year 10), Matthew Wang (Year 10), Angus Barber (Year 10), Louis Corker (Year 9), Stefano Tudor (Year 10), Tim Gray (Year 9), Lewis May (Year 9), Christian Harding (Year 8) and Ollie Henderson (Year 8).

Teacher in Charge of Tennis Drew McDonald congratulated the boys on their consistency throughout the season and the hard work of coaches Darren McPartland and Cottesloe Tennis Club professional and old boy David Culley (Class of 1987). Interestingly, David was a member of the first Christ Church team to win the Corr Cup in 1987.

Mr McDonald said the first round, must-win game against Scotch really set the team up for the season. “The result has been outstanding for a team with such a high number of younger boys,” he said.

Team captain Alistair Baker (Year 12) was this year’s recipient of the Old Boys’ Association Cup for Best PSA Contribution as well as the WA Hockey Association Cup for the School’s Singles Champion. The winner of the Rickey Draper Cup for the Best Doubles Player went to Year 8 student Christian Harding.

Mr McDonald said Alistair, the team’s number one order player, had played Firsts for the past four years and had been an outstanding player and captain. He said Christian was an impressive young player, who had consistently been the team’s number three player – matching the oppositions’ physically bigger players.

Christ Church last won the Corr Cup outright in 2001, and shared titles with other schools in 2003 and 2008. It is the seventh Corr Cup victory for the School since Christ Church joined the PSA in 1957.