Published on: 27 June 2014

The Senior School was treated to the amazing musical talent of visiting Beyond Queenslea Drive student Si Deane at this week’s assembly. Supported by an international band, the American exchange student received a standing ovation for his prowess on the electric guitar with his rock rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon.

Si, together with Jacob Lothers, has been on immersion from Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) in Nashville, Tennessee, for the past five weeks. MBA is the newest school to become part of the Beyond Queenslea Drive immersion program. Year 10 boys Ben Sloane and Abraham Forward were the first Christ Church students to go on exchange to MBA for six weeks at the beginning of Term 2.

Si, a self-taught guitarist, has trained at The Juilliard School in New York, widely regarded as one of the top music schools in the world. He was joined on stage by French Beyond Queenslea Drive student Tristan Magnier, as well as Christ Church musicians Matthew Cowell (Year 11) and Brendan Lim (Year 11).

Tristan, from Saint-Jean et la Croix in Saint Quentin, is among three French exchange students halfway through their 10-week immersion at Christ Church. The boys are enjoying the reciprocal exchange after Christ Church boys spent 10 weeks at their school in Term 1.

Before heading back to the United States next week, Si and Jacob will visit Broome, home to the Sloane family, and experience the Eco Beach Broome Resort.