Published on: 15 April 2014

When I first arrived it was about -7 degrees and snowing but it’s now warming up a bit and the temperature is in the mid-20s. I arrived at the house of the family I am staying at and it was huge! I was shown to my room and I slept for about 17 hours straight to try to get over the jet lag. The next day I had school and it was everything I expected and more, it was just like the movies. It all revolved around sport, the teachers were very laid back and they have full stadiums and ovals. I chose to play lacrosse and it is exciting and rough. On Friday night I went out and watched a college basketball final, which was very loud, energetic and exciting. After the game we went out and got some southern barbecue, which was great… On Sunday we headed out to the lake to have a ski and ‘skurf’ in the dreaded cold water that was about 3 degrees. Although it was cold it was still fun and it motivated me not to fall off. Later that night we went out to an ice hockey game that went into overtime and a penalty shoot out. I’ve found school challenging as the work here is much harder. I am trying to learn as much in the class as I can, as it will put me ahead for when I come back to school there… I have Prom tonight, which should be good and a totally new experience.


Benjamin Sloane (Year 10), Beyond Queenslea Drive immersion student.