Published on: 23 May 2019

Each year, the School’s Beyond Queenslea Drive (BQD) program offers an array of global experiences for boys in Year 10.

The exchange opportunity saw students Nicholas Wylynko and Sol Alder spend four amazing weeks at St. Christopher’s School in Virginia, USA earlier this term.

“St Christopher’s is a school quite like Christ Church but smaller with about 100 boys in each year group,” says Nicholas.

“The St. Christopher’s boys don’t wear school uniform, but have most of the same subjects and a school environment like Christ Church.”

“I particularly enjoyed a humanities program in Modern History; post 9/11 with Years 11 and 12 students, which explored America’s position in the world, and current affairs and events.”

Sol commented, “We both stayed with host families who provided great hospitality and the school made us feel welcome as we experienced an American education.”

“My exchange student showed me around the school grounds as I acknowledged the rich history that his school has achieved.”

“By the second week, I was able to pick my own classes which included Modern History, Creativity through the Arts and Digital Videography.”

“Outside of school, my host family combined with Nick’s to participate in fun events during the weekends.”

“Activities included white-water rafting, theme park visits, a tour of Colonial Williamsburg, Washington DC, plus more.”

“I would highly recommend this exchange for anyone going into Year 10 next year as it builds your independence, international relationships, and most importantly, you’ll have an absolute blast!”

“Going to the USA for exchange is a great way to learn about the American culture and eat lots of pizza, hamburgers and drink soda – their school canteen even supplied free ice cream every day,” said Nicholas.

Both boys are looking forward to welcoming their exchange buddies from St. Christopher’s in Week 5.

Find out more about Beyond Queenslea Drive here or contact Mr Neil Saggers for any queries regarding the program.