Published on: 27 August 2020

Last Thursday twenty-two UWA students visited Christ Church Grammar School to attend a professional development workshop on teaching strategies, in preparation for the start of their practicum. The workshop – which is hosted by Christ Church Grammar School staff and Alumni – is designed to give trainee Health and Physical Education teachers from UWA an understanding of what the School represents and see what a learning environment should look like prior to beginning their prac work.

Among the presenters on the day were First XI Soccer Coach Mark Lee who ran a workshop on engagement and continuity in lesson flow and Assistant Head of Physical Education Tom Jerram, who presented on pedagogy for Physical Education.

The workshop was created five years ago by Head of Health and Physical Education Luke Farmer in recognition of the fact that many UWA graduates and staff have a connection to the School. Luke Farmer (2001), Brad Downing (2000) and Tim Chaney (2012) are among some of the Christ Church staff that also count themselves as UWA alumni. UWA lecturer and Co-ordinator of HPE Teacher Education Martin Anderson commented that the workshop “has become one of the activities the students most value and learn from” and that “this opportunity is priceless for them”.