Published on: 31 March 2022

This week the School has been recognising World Autism Awareness Week and the boys were out and about all week promoting, fundraising and increasing awareness.

During their Health and Wellbeing classes, the boys in the Preparatory School learned about what it means to be a friend to someone with Autism. They also learned about how difficult certain situations are for boys with Autism – even though everything might appear to be alright on the outside.

On the Wednesday the staff and students boys participated in “Blue Sock Day” during which they wore a pair of blue or colourful socks to school to open discussions about Autism. The boys in the Senior School PMC hosted a whole school bake sale on Thursday to raise funds for Spectrum Space.

Co-ordinator of the Peter Moyes Centre in the Preparatory School Daniela Chacon spoke about the importance of recognising this important initiative, “At Christ Church we celebrate and embrace neurodiversity, and therefore we think it is so important to help raise Autism awareness within our community and beyond. Raising awareness creates an opportunity to have important conversations, share knowledge and insights, increase engagement, and encourage acceptance and inclusion.”